Delta Health Systems Doubles Down on Care Management with Rightway Partnership

May 24, 2021

Stockton, CA – Delta Health Systems announced this week a new service model, Delta Navigator, powered by Rightway Healthcare.  Recently Rightway made headlines with the publication of an independent Aon study validating that Rightway reduces healthcare costs by 15%. 

“Delta Navigator is powered by Rightway, a proven, revolutionary care management company that is not only reducing healthcare costs for employers, but is helping employees lead better lives,” says Patrick McTighe, Chief Experience Officer of Delta Health Systems. “This relationship further expands our existing suite of Wellness solutions and fits naturally into Delta’s mission of creating healthier populations through education, service and action.”

Delta’s Navigator service model is more than Rightway, however. “Navigator is the intersection of concierge service, care management, and wellness,” said Dennis Bourdo, Director of TeamCare. “Every call from a member is not just the traditional white-glove concierge service other carriers promise, we review the member’s health history and propose actions to be and live healthier. Most Importantly, we proactively follow-up with the members to encourage those actions.” Delta expects the ROI on Delta Navigator with Rightway to exceed 6x and will offer ROI guarantees to clients on a case-by-case basis.


Founded in 2017, Rightway has a $1.1B valuation and serves over 850 employer groups and 500k members. Averaging 5x ROI and a 20% PBM reduction in the first year, Rightway continues to simplify the healthcare landscape for clients and their employees for better healthcare results and lower spending.

TeamCare is Delta Health Systems’ standalone wellness division, providing employers unparalleled insight into the level of health engagement of their employees and the tools necessary to implement effective solutions to manage population health risk.

Delta Health Systems has been providing health plan administrative services for over 50 years to groups from 100 to 100,000 employees. For more information on Delta, visit


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